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1543146DA/1765/202319 Patonga StreetPATONGADwelling - 2-Storey. 278167672781675531/08/202331 Aug 2023 09:4214 Sep 2023 Notification/Advertising14 Sep 2023 
1543852DA/50912/2016/A69 Amethyst AvenuePEARL BEACHExtension to Existing Cottage/Shed & Toilet for Crommelin Native Arboretum - (Amended Application) 278217665/09/202305 Sep 2023 07:4114 Sep 2023 Notification/Advertising14 Sep 2023 
1541976DA/1744/202385 Trafalgar AvenueWOY WOYGarages, carports and car parking spaces 278205692782057029/08/202329 Aug 2023 08:5912 Sep 2023 Notification/Advertising12 Sep 2023 
1542206DA/1753/202386 Dunalban AvenueWOY WOYShed 278197682781976329/08/202329 Aug 2023 08:5912 Sep 2023 Notification/Advertising12 Sep 2023 
890645DA/62934/202134 Warrah StreetETTALONG BEACHDemolition Residential, Residential Flat Building (New)Flat 267070542781354731/08/202112 Jun 2022 11:2708 Sep 2023 Notification/Advertising08 Sep 2023 
1540841DA/1715/202359 Memorial AvenueBLACKWALLMulti-dwelling housingMulti 278110652781106124/08/202327 Aug 2023 04:5406 Sep 2023 Notification/Advertising06 Sep 2023 
1540851DA/1719/202321 Rickard StreetUMINA BEACHPools / decks / fencing, Balconies, decks, patios, terraces or verandahs, Alterations and additions to residential development 278146922781471725/08/202327 Aug 2023 04:5406 Sep 2023 Notification/Advertising06 Sep 2023 
1539053DA/1681/20232 Kourung StreetETTALONG BEACHPools / decks / fencing 2780274618/08/202318 Aug 2023 02:1831 Aug 2023 Notification/Advertising31 Aug 2023 
1525639DA/1385/2023Burge RoadWOY WOYCommunity Event - Brisbane Water Oyster Festival - 12 Nov 2023 278048983/07/202303 Jul 2023 07:1827 Aug 2023 Notification/Advertising27 Aug 2023 
1532480DA/1527/202315 Murray StreetBOOKER BAYDual occupancyDual 277647902779035626/07/202327 Jul 2023 05:4223 Aug 2023 Notification/Advertising23 Aug 2023 
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Help with submissions is available from the Peninsula Residents' Association -
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Peninsula News has produced a ready reference to those more frequently at issue on the Peninsula - download here.