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Collapse Issue 527:<br />6 Sep 2021<br />_____________Issue 527:
6 Sep 2021
Collapse  NEWS NEWS
Peninsula residents have 17,000 jabs in a month
Three more residents test positive
Sorrento replaces Saratoga for ferry service
ABC Friends postpone evening function for second time
Mingaletta Aunties 'spread happiness and joy'
Clean4shore seeks new members
Car boot sale cancelled again
Pleased with footpath library
Donations of old phones and laptops collected
Men's Shed sets meeting date, but not method
Complete tree survey, group urges
Raffle for youth leadership program
Albert Quilkey dies
Tesch joins anti-PEP meeting
Running maintenance
Two days of rain brings month's total close to average
Double storey dual occupancy proposal for Booker Bay
Two-storey dual occupancy proposed for Norman St
Noticeable change expected on the Peninsula
Sale of Austin Butler reserve land is unacceptable
Problem exists when poll results in contrary actions
Reclassify reserve as 'community land'
The importance of ABC local radio
Fire up the chainsaws
Tesch criticises suspension of Breastscreen services
Vaccinations now offered at Woy Woy pharmacy
Community commended for helping others
MP hopes our lockdown will end sooner than Sydney
Collapse  ARTS ARTS
Festival moves to January with many ways to participate
Competition to create book covers
Acknowledgement of Country sign installed at school
Thriving community under electronic sign
St John offers transition to kindergarten program
Cricket club brothers in car rally for cancer research
Representative netball team interest sought
Bowling club cancels RU OK Day
Softball club hopes to field men's team
Surf club registration days cancelled

Fire up the chainsaws

Remember when you came here? You vowed no more to roam,

you thought you had discovered your forever home.

But now those dreams are shattered, in just one beat,

next door's up for sale. The sign is on the street!

Chorus: Fire up the chainsaws, let them rip!

Send every tree off to the tip.

Bring up the trucks, let the concrete flow,

we're doing it so the economy can grow.

The outcome you fear will soon emerge,

with wallets held high, developers converge.

They'll level the site and clear every tree,

instead of one house there will now be three.

The lot's too small, surely it's a fix?

But no! They've invoked clause four point six.

If you complain, they won't hear your plea,

it seems they're exempt from the DCP.

You will be upset and in shock,

when you see the size of this ugly block.

They'll blot out the sun with a careless shrug,

there will barely be room for a single shrub.

Developers are eager to make a tidy sum,

by transforming every street into a crowded slum.

The council are happy, to them it makes good sense.

The only ones who suffer are the local residents.

Against all the odds, some trees still stand,

but the developers have a cunning plan.

They say to the council "those trees will have to go,

wouldn't you much rather see the colour of our dough?"

Soon there will be no more land to pave,

developers will leave to find the gold they crave.

We'll all be sweating and cursing our mistakes,

the council will blame us and then they'll raise the rates.

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