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11 Oct 2021
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Covid case numbers skyrocket with low vaccination rate
Wharf use delayed for ribbon-cutting photo, says Tesch
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Aboriginal health service holds first Umina vaccinations
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Umina and Woy Woy markets to return in December
September rainfall total down by a quarter
Pearl Beach group claims planning provisions 'ignored'
New proposal for five units in South St
Six two-storey units proposed for Booker Bay
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Highrise foreshore development has me worried
Aged care visitors must be fully-vaccinated
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Craft centre awaits further easing of restrictions
Students become pen pals of nursing home residents
Year 12 students may access school from next week
Revised access plan for Ettalong school
Kindergarten information
Making recycled paper
Kindergarten enrolments at Woy Woy South
Bowls resumes at Umina Beach
Tribute paid to club patron and 'legend'
Shipping container sought while clubhouse is rebuilt
Netball association announces annual meeting date

Six two-storey units proposed for Booker Bay

The Central Coast Council has received an application for a multi dwelling development with six three-bedroom two-storey units at 386 Booker Bay Rd, Booker Bay.

The proposal is estimated to cost $1.785 million and includes on-site parking for nine vehicles.

The application prepared by Doug Sneddon Planning Pty Ltd states: "Visitor parking is to be provided in Booker Bay Rd, where unrestricted on-street car parking is available within 60 metres of the proposed development."

The proposal does not comply with planning provisions which require deep soil areas of two metres width on side boundaries and six metres at front and back.

The driveway running down the side fence is sited only 40 cm from the eastern boundary.

Overall, compliance for deep soil areas falls 40 per cent short of requirements.

Deep soil area on the eastern boundary provides only 14.6 per cent of the required area.

Setbacks are non-compliant on every boundary except the northern boundary where the property fronts Booker Bay Rd.

On the other boundaries, the development intrudes into setbacks by between 18 and 25 per cent.

The statement in support of the application states: "The proposed development's part non-compliance with the deep soil area and building setback guidelines is considered reasonable in the circumstances, having regard to the width of the subject land and the existing building setbacks on the subject land.

"The purpose of the deep soil area and building setback guidelines is achieved by the proposed development."

The application acknowledges additional overshadowing: "The submitted shadow diagrams demonstrate that whilst there is some additional shadowing caused by the proposal, the effect on the windows of adjacent dwellings already occurs from the current dwellings, fences, vegetation etc."

The consultant appeared to acknowledge that the original intention of the setback requirements for medium density developments was to encourage consolidation of allotments.

However, the application stated: "There is no opportunity to amalgamate the subject land with neighbouring properties in order to achieve an alternative development outcome."

It also noted that council staff had previously ignored the intention with "the non-compliance demonstrated by other contemporary multi dwelling developments in the vicinity approved by Council in recent years".

The application is open for public comment until November 1.

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