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12 Jul 2021
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Audit finds Woy Woy car spaces will cost $211,000 each
Ferry service abandons pet ban plan
'We cannot afford to be complacent' - Crouch
CWA still waiting for compensation for wharf land
Group may ask for Bays roads to be 'shared zones'
CWA branch calls on council to be 'fair and transparent'
ACF branch calls for retention of playground and tree
Media release ignores facts of playground strategy
Palm Beach ferries diverted
Actions of first Administrator should be examined - CEN
Grants program opens with $900,000
Wicks wants the Central Coast 'a stand-alone region'
More improvements to Patonga hall
MPs call for more government support
Speed camera program raises fines not safety - Tesch
Use vouchers with local businesses, Tesch urges
MP runs colouring and drawing competition
Pearl Beach Challenge postponed due to lockdown
Rotary club takes 'Christmas' holiday
Six topics identified for church purpose statement
Umina Rotary hears about Clean4Shore success
Egg and bacon roll morning still planned
Garage sale might have been better with good weather
Date for fete at Patonga
Four books to discuss at next CWA book club
Guide dog puppy raising is 'giving back to community'
Bays group registers for QR code
A new theme for a new president
Leadership positions vacant at Baptist church
Tree lovers welcomed
Pandemic winner
Clean4shore to hold annual meeting
Rotary awards honorary memberships
Fellowship awarded to club treasurer
Plans to fly to England
Shops offer online ordering and contact-free pick-up
Thanks to Rotary club from Uganda
Little rain for start of July
Four-unit development proposed for Paul St
Planning comments may go unnoticed
Three-unit development proposed for Bowden Rd
Liquour licence applications considered
Go ahead given for Mutu St factory
Where are the commuter parking spaces?
No limit to high-handed council behaviour
Short-term gain at economic, social, environmental cost
Access is 'main obstacle' to aged care staff vaccination
Tribute paid to 'learned and loved older Australians'
A sign of brighter days ahead
Collapse  ARTS ARTS
The Bays art show postponed until October
Dates set for rescheduled Bays art show
Bays' book on sale
Book launch postponed
Learning from home this week
Preschool celebrates Naidoc Week
Students sent letters about targeted programs
Bowls club raises $5000 on charity day
Cycling 'tour' continues
Cycling Tour duration extended
Tesch congratulates Wimbledon winners
Golf club publishes 10km map
Junior touch registrations start
Bowls clubs proceed with Mixed Kingfisher carnival
Oval availability welcomed
New infrastructure for soccer field
Tribute paid to Freddy Querruel
Southern Spirit registrations start for all teams
Tennis registration postponed
Umina surf club opens online registrations



No limit to high-handed council behaviour

It seems there is no limit to the high-handed behaviour of the Council and the bureaucratic machinery that adjudicate on the future environment of the Peninsula.

The latest outrage is a proposal by the Planning Panel to increase building densities along the Ettalong beachfront, without even a hint or pretence of consultation with the community ("Planning panel supports 17m high beachfront rezoning", PN 522).

According to the report, this proposal "was not listed on the Panel's agenda" but was based on "material presented by Council officers (actually, servants) at the briefing meeting", so the plan was kept completely secret from the public and rushed to the subsequent Council meeting, before anybody could possibly raise an objection or make a comment.

According to the Panel, the proposal has "site-specific merit", but we are not told what this merit is, since all the related material is being kept secret from us.

The Panel, also, comments that any development should provide "acceptable" separations and setbacks, without saying what is acceptable, and that "design excellence" should be a factor, without saying what this could possibly mean.

Given the horrendous examples of the Mantra and Atlantis buildings, it is not difficult to imagine the kind of monstrosities that will sail through approval on the basis of design excellence.

The two excrescences that we have now are bad enough, but imagine the entire waterfront overshadowed by similar structures: according to our LEP, Ettalong is supposed to have a village character, but what we're talking about is a mini Gold Coast.

Can anyone doubt that, if this action goes ahead, it will be the basis for future proposals of a similar kind, based on "precedence"?

Can anyone doubt that the Panel will look favourably on such proposals?

This kind of out-of-scale rebuilding is completely unnecessary in Ettalong and merely reflects developer greed and Council disdain for local opinion.

If this is an example of our Administrator Mark 3's behaviour, the next 18 months don't look promising.

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