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4 Oct 2022
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Three council reserves still on the market, CEN claims
One per cent of council grants for Peninsula community
Council starts beach patrols early
Men's Shed receives further $20,000 grant
Three groups benefit from Club Grants
Umina CWA cooking competition
Call to support establishment of alternative schools
Ferries diverted
Firefighters called to Umina house fire
Vietnam Vets receive support service grant
Tender sought for landfill cell design at Woy Woy tip
Volunteers wanted for Woytopia Festival
Naidoc event at Mingaletta
Teddy bear tribute to a late husband
Fire brigade seeks four part-time fire fighters
Sydney's 'Roaring 20s' to be relived
'Slime lab' at shopping centre
Coronavirus case numbers level off to 190
September rainfall was well above average
Four-unit development planned adjacent to bowls club
Dual occupancy application requests street tree removal
More than 120 DAs remain 'under assessment'
Simple and safe solution is to install roundabout
Dementia sufferers often feel isolated
Ratepayers' objections overridden at ratepayers' cost
Council decisions - administrator or dictator?
'Putinesque' is legitimate description of DA process
Is placing Council under administration not intervention?
'Girls' Night In' to raise funds for Cancer Council
Hospital visiting restrictions change
New Telehealth system for aged care home
Sit Saturday Sunrise meditations start
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Little Theatre holds auditions
Awards made for Little Theatre's Flash Festival
Folk club to hold performers' night
Patchwork group shares achievements
Bridget wins silver medal with Sydney North tennis team
Students present projects at 'sustainability convention'
Ettalong's HeadStart program is about to start
Preschool to set up 'loose parts' play yard
Great North Walk to receive upgrade
Stage 2 students share $100 prize pool for reading
Twilight Spring Fair planned for October 15
Umina United beat SEU 6-0 in women's grand final
Rugby club to have most important meeting since 1975
SEU Reserves win WPL grand final
Bridge club plays Spring Pairs
Charity bowls raises $1320 at Ettalong
Women's charity day raises $2000
Access restricted to leisure centre
Spectacular Twenty Twenty Two
Tennis club wins grant for re-fencing project
Junior touch rep team trials announced
Rooster Juniors seek coaching interest



Ratepayers' objections overridden at ratepayers' cost

Council once again seem to be complying with their legal obligations concerning 60 odd submissions from neighbouring objectors on another non-compliant development in Ettalong village.

In reality, all Council have done is tick the boxes and then go about what they (and other parties such as the Chamber of Commerce) originally wanted by pushing through the developer's application.

They treat the community's genuine concerns as just a bit of a nuisance and then proceed to inform the public (after so-called consultation) that it has all been resolved and this is what the community needs.

The process of development applications is necessary with rules and regulations that should apply to every applicant, no matter how big or small the development.

Rejected plans by the Local Planning Panel is not a problem for the rich and powerful - just a delay.

The arsenal of tactics employed by the big players is virtually endless.

If you have money, power and influence, you just keep resubmitting the development application, maybe with slight adjustments.

Who would want to be one of the four Local Planning Panel members with all that pressure put on them?

In the rare case that the applicant is rejected, there is always the Land and Environment Court.

There have been some interesting decisions of late using imaginative language and weasel words in downplaying the protests as insignificant issues and turning a blind eye to breaches (their words) of unacceptable adverse amenity impacts to neighbouring sites.

I would not have thought you make a judgement on a previous build nearby which also exceeds height restrictions as being legally comparable.

Other Council tactics like rezoning and reclassification of areas and boundaries (sometimes environmentally sensitive) are common place.

Let's not forget Council trotted out a consultant expert planner whose assessment was accepted by Court.

If you look hard enough you will always find an "expert" for your cause.

So who pays for that? Ratepayers again just like the consultant's fee for the submission to IPART for extra rates.

How ironic it is that we (the ratepayers) have financed indirectly and unknowingly the Council's expenses to roll the community's objections.

So best of luck to the good people who protested and to all of our community.

This is what we are up against.

Starting to feel a bit like Darryl Kerrigan out of the classic film "The Castle."

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