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Residents say they want focus on community well-being

Residents have called for a focus on planning community well-being, according to Peninsula Residents Association secretary Mr Julian Bowker.

He said residents made it clear what they wanted for the Peninsula at a successful planning workshop held by the Peninsula Residents Association at Club Umina on Tuesday, February 15.

He said the workshop involved more than 40 residents.

There were presentations on current planning strategies and discussion of actions the community could take.

The evening included sessions which gave residents the opportunity to describe their vision for the future.

Mr Bowker said residents at the meeting appreciated the natural beauty of the area, the bushland and the waterways.

"They liked the relaxed, uncrowded village feel and the friendliness of the community," he said.

"Commonly they said they wanted the Peninsula to develop into leafy, greener suburbs with more shade trees and gardens.

"They said they wanted a planned and sustainable future with space for trees and open space, privacy and solar access, with affordable and creative well-designed homes.

"They looked to the Council and State Government to enforce better compliance and regulation of development to ensure the planning process achieved its aims.

"Residents said they wanted to retain the cottage housing village character, and to encourage a balance of mixed demographics, including low income earners and young families.

"They wanted to develop facilities for walking and cycling, taking advantage of the sandplain's flatness .

"Overall, they wanted a stronger, more self-reliant and inter-connected community, with a greater focus on community well-being and not just economic value," Mr Bowker said.

"Many ideas were suggested at the forum of how to facilitate communication within the Peninsula and to have the Peninsula's voice heard."

Mr Bowker said all residents were encouraged to review and submit feedback on two key documents that were open for comment until the end of the month.

They were the Central Coast Council Local Housing Strategy up to 2036 and the State Government's Central Coast Regional Plan 2041, both available through the council's website

Mr Bowker said it was vital that residents gave feedback on these plans.

"This is a great opportunity to have a say and help shape the Peninsula's future over the next 20 years."

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