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Aged care cases are 'vaccinated and asymptomatic'

The two remaining residents who had not contracted the coronavirus in the memory support unit of a Woy Woy aged care home have tested positive to the disease.

"Both these two residents are vaccinated and asymptomatic," said Blue Wave Living chief executive Mr Matt Downie.

"It is simply not possible to isolate residents in this space, who lack insight and awareness.

"When residents do not wear any personal protective equipment and move freely around a space interacting with other residents, it is unfortunately going to see a highly contagious virus spread.

"This does mean The Cove will remain in lockdown.

"However, we will continue to facilitate general visitors across the rest of the facility.

"We continue to secure sufficient stock of rapid tests to screen all staff prior to commencing their shift as well."

Visits to the rest of the facility must be booked.

All visitors must bring a rapid test with them, and complete the test at our main entry prior to entering.

Other requirements include social distancing, evidence of vaccinations and wearing an N95 mask, which will be provided on arrival.

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