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Marine Rescue called during night operations training

Marine Rescue had night operations training on Brisbane Water on Saturday, February 19, when they received a call just before 8pm.

The skipper of a vessel in distress advised that their hire boat had run aground, and was stuck on an oyster lease .

Rescue Vessel Central Coast 21 was tasked to investigate the situation.

The crew of Mr David Stocks, Mr Dave Jesavelik and Ms Jane Shirriff found the local hire boat stuck on the oyster lease and decided that it would be too dangerous to pull the vessel off in the low tide .

With the high tide not due for another four hours, the rescue crew decided to return to base and deliver provisions using a U-Safe remote control life saving device, said media officer Mr Mitch Giles.

"The crew got some sandwiches, water and space blankets to send over to the people on the distressed vessel.

"They drove the U-Safe to the vessel with its remote control.

"At around 11:15pm, the tide had risen enough to safely get a line to the distressed vessel and slowly pull them off the lease .

"This was done successfully and the tow back to the marina began."

They arrived at the marina at around 12:30am and the rescue crew arrived back at its Point Clare base just after 1am."

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